Hello World!

Everything should start with “Hello World,” and thanks to WordPress my blog is no exception.


  1. Bram Stolk says:

    Hi Adrian,

    So… did you manage to escape the video game industry, and moved on?
    Or is there another reason that your last blog posting is 20 months old now?
    Your articles were a treat to read, and very insightful.
    You should pick up blogging again.

    Bram Stolk (a fellow game dev)

    1. Adrian Stone says:

      Ouch, I was hoping no one would notice that. What you’re seeing in my long hiatus is the development cycle of the games I’ve been working on. Most of the past year has been consumed with “crunch” development on FEAR 3 and another title. The upside of working hard is that I’ve accumulated a lot of new topics to write about. Hopefully soon I’ll find the time to publish one of them.

  2. Dietmar Suoch says:

    “So… did you manage to escape the video game industry, and moved on?” again? 🙂
    Just kidding. I just came across this blog once again. But I do miss new high quality content here …

    1. Adrian Stone says:

      I’m still in the game industry and still working primarily with the same engine, if you can believe it, but enough has changed that I haven’t found time to come back to the blog in many years. My previous company was acquired, which was a big distraction, and then the time I used to devote to writing blogs and presentations for external consumption had to be spent on internal communication.

      I really would like to get back to it, but I won’t make any commitments that I’m not certain I can keep.

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