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Minimizing Code Bloat: Template Overspecialization

This article is a continuation of Minimizing Code Bloat for Faster Builds and Smaller Executables. Even in an engine that isn’t rife with template meta-programming, template overspecialization can be a major source of code bloat.  Very few programmers, in my experience, really think about what the compiler and linker are doing with the code they […]

Minimizing Code Bloat for Faster Builds and Smaller Executables

No matter how much code you have, somebody always wants more.  That’s certainly been the case with every game and every engine I’ve worked on.  My good friend Kyle, who has for years been tracking all sorts of wonderful statistics about the development of Despair Engine, recently announced that we’d surpassed 1.5 million lines of […]

Class Reflection in the Despair Engine

Reflection is, without a doubt, my favorite computer programming language feature.  It is unfortunate therefore that I’ve spent most of my professional life programming in C++, a language that has stubbornly refused to adopt a mechanism for class reflection.  There is a reason why I’ve stuck with C++ however; it is the highest level language […]

How not to C++

One of the things I love about C++ is the fact that it is a strongly-typed language.  An essential element of good programming is writing code that is self-documenting.  The more explicit you are in your code, the less chance that you, your fellow programmers, or even the compiler will misunderstand your purpose.  That said, […]