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GDC: Where Smart People Come to Gloat

Discovering New Development Opportunities – Satoru Iwata GDC kicked off with a keynote by Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo.  The talk included a variety of new software announcements which you can read about in the official coverage, but to me the most interesting content was Iwata’s comments on the business of game development.  He […]

How not to C++

One of the things I love about C++ is the fact that it is a strongly-typed language.  An essential element of good programming is writing code that is self-documenting.  The more explicit you are in your code, the less chance that you, your fellow programmers, or even the compiler will misunderstand your purpose.  That said, […]

Triangle Order Optimization

One of the standard weapons in any graphics programmer’s arsenal is a procedure for mesh triangle order optimization.  Although most meshes are intended to produce output that is independent of the ordering of their triangles, the order of triangles within a mesh can have a big impact on performance.  This gives us great leeway in […]

Hello World!

Everything should start with “Hello World,” and thanks to WordPress my blog is no exception.