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Low-Fragmentation, High-Performance Memory Allocation in Despair Engine

I recently wrote about dlmalloc and how it is a poor choice for a memory allocator for console games.  As I explained in my previous article, dlmalloc has two major limitations.  It manages a pool of address space composed of discrete regions called segments.  It can easily add segments to grow its pool of address space, […]

Scalable Concurrency in Despair Engine

In my last article I promised a follow-up description of the memory allocation system that I wrote for Despair Engine during the development of F.E.A.R. 3.  Before I get to that, however, I’ve been inspired by Charles Bloom‘s recent posts on the job queue system that is apparently part of RAD Game Tools‘ Oodle, and […]

The Hole That dlmalloc Can’t Fill

dlmalloc Dlmalloc is a general-purpose memory allocator developed by Doug Lea since 1987.  It is highly optimized, easily portable, and elegantly designed.  It functions as a drop-in replacement for malloc and the source has been generously released into the public domain.  The code is also an absolute joy to read, with every line conveying volumes […]

Symbol Sort : A Utility for Measuring C++ Code Bloat

OVERVIEW SymbolSort is a utility for analyzing code bloat in C++ applications.  It works by extracting the symbols from a dump generated by the Microsoft DumpBin utility or by reading a PDB file.  It processes the symbols it extracts and generates lists sorted by a number of different criteria.  You can read more about the motivation behind SymbolSort […]

Minimizing Code Bloat: Redundant Template Instantiation

This article is a continuation of Minimizing Code Bloat for Faster Builds and Smaller Executables. The last item on my list of code bloat causes is redundant template instantiation.  Template functions have a lot in common with inline functions.  Like inline functions, template functions are instantiated into the object file of every translation unit in […]