If someone had told me in 1998 that ten years later I’d still be making computer games I would have laughed out loud.  In two years I figured I’d know everything there was to know about 3d graphics and behavioral AI and in five years I’d have implemented every permutation of killing something by jumping on its head, powering up by smashing a crate, and saving the world by closing a portal to a parallel zombie universe.  Instead it’s taken me ten years to understand just two things: first, the problems of game development grow faster than my brain can possibly absorb them and second, there are an infinite number of ways in which a zombie-pocalypse can play out and game development won’t end until we’ve explored them all.

So where does that leave me?  Well, I’m clearly fighting a losing battle against game development.  I’m forgetting old tricks almost as fast as I’m learning new ones, and I’m tired of disappearing into a codebase for 3 years at a time only to emerge at the end of it with 10 hours of highly questionable entertainment.

This blog is my attempt to change that.  First, I can document a little of what I know so that I’ll be here to teach it to myself next time I need it, and second, every time I feel the panic rising and urge to ship something I can toss out another article and tell myself I’m an Internet celebrity.

If either of us is still reading this, it means my plan is working.