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CrossStitch 2.0: Dynamic Shader Linking in a Statically Linked World

In my last article, I described the first generation of CrossStitch, the shader assembly system used in MechAssault 2.  Today I’m going to write about the second generation of CrossStitch, the one used in Fracture. Development on CrossStitch 2.0 began with the development of Day 1’s Despair Engine.  This was right at the end of […]

CrossStitch: A Configurable Pipeline for Programmable Shading

Some pieces of code are a source of great pride and some pieces of code are a source of terrible shame.  It is due to the nature of game development, I believe, that many of the most interesting pieces of code I write eventually become both.  That is certainly the case with the CrossStitch shader […]

Cascaded Perspective Variance Shadow Mapping

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about shipping anything less than a blockbuster game is the lack of feedback you get on your work. The very best games of any given year will be scrutinized and evaluated by the community of developers, but everything else is pretty much ignored.  I was surprised and pleased therefore, when […]

SIGGRAPH 2009 Highlights

Light Propagation Volumes in CryEngine 3 Anton Kaplanyan, Crytek Anton Kaplanyan presented Crytek’s research into real-time single-bounce diffuse indirect illumination.  The current state of the art in real-time global illumination is derived from the work of Marc Stamminger and Carsten Dachsbacher.  They introduced the idea of rendering reflective shadow maps from light sources (shadow maps […]

The Dark Side of Deferred Shading: Light Groups

Much is made of the advantages of deferred shading, but to read most articles on the subject the only disadvantages are translucency and multisample antialiasing.  This is really doing a disservice to forward rendering, however, as there are many popular techniques in real-time computer graphics that are impractical in a deferred shading engine.  One of […]